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cheesesucker (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#371 Clean up editor code to match python coding standards tools/editor 0.3.7 defect normal 08/26/09

Currently the code used in the editor is not consistent to one style. We should clean up this code to match our python coding standards as described in the wiki.


This task depends on #372

helios2000 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#733 More presentation options for paths. engine/core/view 0.3.5 enhancement normal 08/29/12

CellRenderer? have only one option to visualize paths (2d cell polygon). As minimum we should add lines as visualization.

prock (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#346 Soundemitter callback if soundclip was played engine/core/audio 0.3.6 enhancement normal 01/25/09

At the moment, one can install an emitter with the option to loop or not.

While this is great for soundeffects, it is not for ambient music. In order to enable a "playlist"-like feature for a FIFE client, there has to be a method which tells us if a non-looping clip ends.

My idea would be to provide a callback for the emitter - which is called if the soundclip reached EOF. So the client could have a list of soundclips to play, and sets a new soundclip for the emitter once the callback is fired.

An additional option to set an emitter to loop for e.g. 4 times, then execute a given callback, would be great, too. (Though this behaviour can be simulated client side once the basic callback feature is available) :)

Possible starting point:

#110 Update the "features" article of the wiki to be in sync with the actual code docs 0.3.5 task trivial 01/29/07

The engine featueres article should concentrate on the supported features themselves but not how they are implemented. This should help to make it more appealing to the target audience: the game creators.

Link: http://wiki.fifengine.de/index.php?title=Engine_features

vtchill (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#491 Create C++ versions of the map/object loaders/savers engine/core/loaders/native 0.3.5 enhancement major 10/28/10

This is a major ticket for this milestone. We need to move the loaders/savers from the python extensions to C++. They should also support custom loaders/savers. All extension loaders/savers should be decommissioned.

As part of this bug fix the editor needs to be modified to accept custom loaders/savers as well. These will need to be presented to the user when loading or saving objects and/or maps.

#197 Engine-script memory management engine/core 0.5.0 task normal 10/11/07

Design and implement the consistent memory management for the engine + scripting interfaces.

Analyze the problems & alternatives, select the best candidate and make needed changes.

Initial analysis can be found from wiki: http://wiki.fifengine.de/index.php?title=Engine_Memory_Management

#439 FIFedit support for custom loaders / savers tools/editor 0.3.7 enhancement normal 01/28/10

FIFedit should allow users to define their own loader/saver duo. E.g. Unknown Horizons is using a combination of sqlite db and filesystem to store their maps. Therefore there is an sqlite loader / saver.

One possible implementation would be, that those loaders / savers describe which format they are written for, and FIFedit chooses them automaticly from the plugin directory due to the selected file extension.

Another way would be to write a profile system which would allow content designers to specify how FIFedit should behave (and which plugins are loaded on startup - as well on how panels are arranged etc.)

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