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#239 event triggers new FIFE enhancement 0.5.0 high
#330 Symbol export DEFINEs for windows platforms new vtchill enhancement 0.4.0 high
#436 Create FIFE Manual new FIFE task 0.5.0 high
#491 Create C++ versions of the map/object loaders/savers assigned vtchill enhancement 0.3.5 high
#510 Font system requires a rework new FIFE enhancement 0.3.5 high
#712 The single python interface for FIFE takes a very long time to compile on some machines new FIFE defect 0.3.5 high
#727 Hybrid gui manager new FIFE enhancement 0.3.5 high
#745 Improve zoomed-out graphics quality new FIFE enhancement Proposal high
#759 Segfault in drawImage new FIFE defect 0.3.5 high
#763 Inaccurate screen positions. new helios2000 defect 0.3.5 high
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