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12== Introduction ==
13Welcome to the FIFE v0.3.3r2 README. This snapshot is based on SVN revision 3797
15== Table of contents ==
161 Features
172 License
183 FIFE Clients
194 Known Issues
205 Troubleshooting
216 Feedback
227 Closing Notes
25== 1) Features ==
26A complete list of the features that FIFE offers can be found at the project
28 *
31== 2) License ==
32The source code (*.cpp, *.h & *.py) is licensed under LGPL 2.1 or newer:
33 *
35Content was taken from a lot a lot of different 3rd party sources. Therefore
36each client directory comes with a separate LICENSE file that states the origin
37of the content, the author and the actual license it was published under.
40== 3) FIFE Clients ==
42=== 3.1) Editor ===
43The editor tool can be found within the <FIFE>/tools/editor directory. You can
44launch it by running ''.  It is used to edit map files for the tech demo
45(rio do hola).  Other clients extend it and use it to edit their maps.
47=== 3.2) Rio De Hola ===
48Rio de hola is a technology demo showing off many of the FIFE features.  It is
49located in the <FIFE>/demos/rio_de_hola directory and can be launched by
50running  It was at one time meant to be an example game but we have
51moved away from that idea and it is now more of a technology demo and a
52playground for developers to test their code.  It does serve as a good starting
53point for people wishing to play around with FIFE or base your game off of.
55=== 3.3) Shooter Demo ===
56The Shooter demo was an attempt to show the versatility and flexibility of FIFE.
57It is a simple side scrolling shooter that has a main menu, one level and an
58end boss.  Try your luck and see if you can defeat the boss!
60=== 3.4) PyChan Demo ===
61Last but not least there is an example client residing in
62<FIFE>\demos\pychan_demo that shows how the pychan GUI library works. Start the
63GUI demo application by running
65=== 3.5) Configuring the Editor and Demos ===
66The engine utilizes special settings files for configuring FIFE. This file is
67called settings.xml and resides in the ~/.fife directory (in
68<User>/Application Data/fife for Windows users).  The Shooter Demo and the
69PyChan demo are exceptions.  They both store their settings.xml file in their
70root directories.
72NOTE that the settings.xml file is auto generated and wont be there until you
73run the demos for the first time.  FIFE automatically fills the settings file
74with default values.  For more information on FIFE settings please see the wiki
75page here:
77== 4) Known issues ==
79 * Bug in which prevents graphs from being generated (#554)
80 * Crashing when making application window active in Mac OSX (#515)
81 * Some unit tests are broken (#423)
82 * Atlas Creator needs to be documented (#559)
85 * Using FIFE Console breaks gettext calls, thus crashing the client (#560)
86 * ActionFrame is not functional (#573)
87 * Fallback solution for special characters (Fontsupport) (#302)
88 * cameras must be attached to layers (#305)
89 * Loaders have a circular import (#478)
90 * Several FIFE::Command type events are not being handled correctly (#503)
93 * Fix UTF8 support using vanilla guichan source (#432)
94 * Pychan dropdown menus crash FIFE-based client on win32 (#508)
95 * De-couple FIFE from Guichan (#549)
96 * Button doesn't react to click when drawn below mouse pointer (#387)
97 * Pychan dropdowns refuse to open if there is no space below (#445)
98 * Slider size is overwritten by label max_size when residing in the same
99   (parent) box (#488)
100 * Pychan widget constructors silently ignore unexpected keyword arguments
101   (#520)
102 * Borders are not rendered on edges of widgets that touch their parent
103   container's edge. (#522)
104 * GuiImage unable to find loader for JPEG in ImagePool (#548)
105 * Cursor is sometimes displayed over letter in TextField (#547)
108 * Uninstaller Doesn't Remove fife Module (#526)
109 * libguichan fails to install when src path contains a space (#533)
110 * Improve build system shared library support on linux (#575, $435)
111 * Cannot build a usable debug version of _fife_d.pyd with mingw
114 * Clean up editor code to match python coding standards (#371)
115 * Map editor shouldn't clobber custom attributes (#379)
116 * Editor crashes after docking the object editor and closing map (#450)
117 * History bugs (#452)
118 * Placing an instance on top of another then undoing resets the original
119   instances properties (#459)
120 * Should be able to set the default zoom level for a camera (#467)
121 * Editor should allow you to add additional import statements (#468)
122 * Editor file browser widget can't be closed (#499)
123 * Misc FIFE Editor crashes (user input validation/exception handling missing)
124   (#537)
126== 5) Troubleshooting ==
128=== Video Card/Driver Issues ===
129There are some known driver/card combinations that exhibit the some problems
130with FIFE.  Users have reported seeing blank screens or fuzzy images.  If this
131is happening to you please report it on our forums in the Help and
132troubleshooting section here:
133Please include your Card/Driver/OS information in your post.  Currently the fix
134is to modify your settings.xml file and set both GLUseFramebuffer and GLUseNPOT
135to False (they are True by default).
137=== Audio ===
138Win32 users tend to suffer from problems with the OpenAL drivers. If you don't
139hear sound while running a FIFE client, run oalinst.exe that ships with the
140Win32 FIFE Development Kit.  This is the latest OpenAL driver for Win32.
142== 6) Feedback ==
143We appreciate every kind of feedback concerning the release, the project in
144general and the bundled techdemo. Feedback is a great way to help us to improve
145FIFE. If you would like to get in contact with us and provide feedback you can
146either visit our IRC channel or our forums:
147 *
148 *
151== 7) Closing Notes ==
152Have fun with the release and let us know what you think about it!
153-- The FIFE team.
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